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IDesia is revolutionizing the biometrics industry with its BioDynamic Signature™ (BDS) authentication technology and products, ideal for commercial and homeland security applications. By using the electro physiological signals which are unique to each individual, IDesia offers highly accurate, easy to implement security solutions that are significantly more cost-effective than existing alternatives.

Our mission is to bring the highest standards of reliability and accuracy to the biometrics market, offering hardware and software solutions that are impossible to spoof, yet are cost-effective, convenient to the end user, and easy to implement in a wide range of mass market consumer electronic products as well as in high-end security systems.

Our strategy is to develop and sell licenses for BDS™ chipsets and solutions to OEMs, and to engage in co-development partnerships such as developing smart cards or high-end security products in specific vertical markets.  

IDesia was founded in 2004 to develop biometrics authentication products based on Dr. Daniel Lange’s original research in bio-signals. IDesia’s founders – Dr. Lange, Baruch Levanon, and Yosef Gross – are all  experienced entrepreneurs, with deep expertise in physiology, microelectronics, medical devices, and security applications, as well as in management, business development, marketing and manufacturing. IDesia has top-tier international partners, including Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN) and Partech International. The company's headquarters are in Caesarea, Israel.