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Working With Us

IDesia’s revolutionary BioDynamic Signature (BDS™) authentication platform can be integrated into a wide variety of applications for commercial and homeland security uses. We offer a number of ways in which your company can work with IDesia’s team of biometrics experts.

Products – IDesia sells its BDS™ Sensor and BDS™ ProSensor chipsets, smart cards, and fusion products to OEMs of portable electronic devices, systems integrators and government bodies.

Licensing – IDesia licenses its BDS™ technologies for integration in products and applications where its unique and enabling capabilities (highest degree of accuracy, ease-of-use, almost impossible to spoof, etc.) are required.

Development and Co-development Services – IDesia offers both development services and co-development services to OEMs and systems integrators. Under a development agreement, IDesia implements a specific hardware or software security application based on BDS™ authentication into a finished product. In a co-development agreement, IDesia and its partner jointly develop a customized high-end security product based on IDesia’s BDS™ platform.

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