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ID/Smart Cards/Credit Cards

ID/Smart Cards/Credit CardsIn an ID system that combines smart card and biometric technologies to verify the identity of individuals, a "live" biometric image is the best way to ensure data security and prevention of identity theft. Smart cards provide the secure, convenient and cost-effective ID technology that stores the enrolled biometric template and compares it to the "live" biometric template. A secure ID system using smart card and biometric technology provides:

  • Enhanced privacy, securing information on the card, allowing the individual to control access to that information and removing the need for central database access during identity verification.
  • Improved security, protecting information and processes within the ID system and actively authenticating the trust level of the environment before releasing information.
  • Improved system return on investment through the flexibility and upgradability that smart cards provide, allowing support of different authentication methods and multiple, evolving applications, while using existing Smart Card infrastructure of readers (contact or contacless).

IDesia’s BDS™ authentication is a ground-breaking technology for ISO smart cards, enabling biometric sensing capabilities directly on the card. IDesia's BDS™ technology is more cost-effective than other competing technologies, positioning it as the ideal biometric platform for smart cards and credit cards and other financial and mobile commerce applications.

The BDS™ platform provides a number of advantages for smart cards and credit cards, including:

  • 'All-on-board' highest security level: template storage, signal acquisition, signal processing, template matching and authentication. No need for external biometric reader, database or processing.
  • Small size enabling a thin, wallet-sized card that complies with standard ISO thickness and flexibility requirements
  • Affordable price for stand-alone cards
  • Ability to work with standard contact and contact-less smart card readers
  • Ability to verify and authenticate individuals for banking and mobile commerce applications
  • Enhanced optional features including challenge response for even greater accuracy