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Memory Stick

USB memory sticks often contain data that is a crucial organizational asset, thus the need to secure its use to only the true owner has become critical. The small form presents an even greater challenge to providing multiple levels of security.

IDesia’s BDS™ authentication sensors are comprised of two-dimensional conductive contacts, and are by far smaller than competing biometric sensors. Simple metal conductive contact surfaces, or even conductive ink, can be used. IDesia’s sensors require only a simple touch and are not dependent on exact finger placement or on the use of the same fingers in enrollment and verification. The cost of a BDS™ sensor is significantly lower than any alternative biometric sensor, while providing the highest reliability and longest durability.

IDesia’s small footprint, coupled with its optimal reliable identification in seconds, makes it the biometric platform of choice for memory sticks and other small form factors.

Aladdin (Nasdaq: ALDN) has chosen BDS for its next generation eToken.

Memory Stick