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Partech Bets on Biometrics

Red Herring, Dec. 2, 2005

International venture capital firm backs an Israeli security startup.

International venture capital firm Partech International moved into the biometric arena Friday, backing Israeli startup IDesia to the tune of $3 million.

IDesia’s innovation lies in its discovery of a new way to identify people using electro-physiological signals.

The company has developed a device that can collect the minute electrical impulses associated with the human body. One only has to place two fingers on two conductors and the IDesia software will identify the person, the company said.

The company has partnered with Aladdin Knowledge Systems, a publicly held security company, to bring its product to market.

Biometrics has not yet lived up to the hype it has generated as a potential solution for security. Cheap systems can be easily tricked and spoof-proof systems become prohibitively expensive