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BDS™ Application Kit & BDS™ SDK

 IDesia offers its BDS500 USB Bio-Dynamic Signature Application Kit, enabling OEMs and systems integrators to become familiar with BDS™ authentication technology and to develop their own applications.

Utilizing IDesia's patented BDS™ technology, the BDS500 captures a user’s dynamic signature and provides unparalleled security and convenience in a stylish protection device.

To use the Application Kit, the user gently places any two fingers from both hands, one on each contact sensor, for just a few seconds. Once a user is enrolled, the average verification time is only 2 - 4 seconds (depending on the security setting).

The BDS500’s USB interface enables plug-and-play operation, and its highly durable sensors provide perform optimally in all working conditions.

IDesia's BDS engine is the only biometric technology that gives enhanced performance with longer touch time, as can clearly be seen in the following figure. The Equal Error Rate (EER) decreases with time.

The BDS500 will be available with SDK and BioAPI compliance.

Click here to see the full product data sheet and specifications.