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BDS™ Fusion

BDS FusionBiometric identification systems must be convenient to the end user and at the same time very accurate in order to be useful. High-security applications demand much greater performance than corporate and individual uses.  One approach to improving these figures is to employ multiple biometric modalities, in what is termed as a multimodal fusion approach. There are a number of different applications which could benefit from multimodal biometrics.

The main drivers for fusion biometrics are security and fraud identification. Multimodal biometric verification and identification solutions are expected to become key complementary elements that will support and enhance the biometrics market growth as a whole.

IDesia's BDS™ is the only biometric technology that enables integration with fingerprint biometrics in one device, enabling a more user-friendly, more secure and less expensive multi-modal biometric system. One or both IDesia sensors can incorporate an optical fingerprint sensor; the IDesia processing hardware can piggyback fingerprint analysis systems, or be designed directly in line with such systems.

The two orthogonal biometric modalities, BDS™ and fingerprint, will provide exponential security performance.

Dual modal authentication in one touch – the fingerprint sensor is integrated in the right contact point of the BDS™ reader (see artist's impression above).

BDS™ + Fingerprint Fusion System, Block diagram
BDS™ + Fingerprint Fusion System, Block diagram