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BDS™ ProSensor

IDesia is developing the BDS™ ProSensor Chipset to manufacturers and systems integrators. The BDS™ ProSensor Chipset includes a combined ASIC that incorporates both the acquisition sensor and processing hardware in order to verify the user’s identification.

The BDS200 ProSensor Chipset is a stand-alone, cost-effective solution that enables OEMs/systems integrators to incorporate BDS™ technology into top security pre-boot applications and devices that do not have their own microprocessor.

The BDS200 ProSensor Chipset is also suitable for high-end security applications that require a completely separate biometric module, such as stand-alone panels for access control, electronic locks, safes, cars and others.In the future, IDesia will develop a variety of models to suit different applications.

Enhanced optional features of the BDS200 ProSensor Chipset include a "challenge response" mechanism to ensure virtual real time authentication, preventing any potential spoofing. "Challenge response" is a feature of utmost importance for m-commerce and services over the internet.

BDS ProSensor
BDS ProSensor chip diagram