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BDS™ Sensor

BDS SensorIDesia’s BDS™ Sensor Chipset is a kit that enables manufacturers and system integrators to seamlessly incorporate BDS™ authentication technology into their biometric systems. IDesia is developing a miniaturized chipset to fit small, portable devices such as USB tokens, laptops, and mobile phones, in which the BDS™ engine can run on the device’s microprocessor.

The BDS™ sensor captures the electrophysiological signals and is comprised of two parts; the small footprint of conductive contact points (metal coating or conductive ink) integrated onto the surface of the device, and a sensor IC. The sensor IC utilizes a bio-amplifier, bio-filters and A/D in order to acquire high quality electro physiological signals of the individual touching the contact points.

IDesia’s BDS™ Sensor Chipset is less than one-third the size of existing fingerprint chipsets. The first generation measures 4 x 4 x 1.5 mm, compared to a typical fingerprint chipset of 15 x 5 x 2 mm. The sensor chip has a serial communication interface (UART).

Samples of the company’s initial offering in this area, the BDS100 Sensor Chipset, will be available in 2007.

BDS Sensor diagram