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BDS™ Smart Card

BDS SmartcardIDesia’s BDS™ is a ground-breaking technology for ISO smart cards, enabling biometric sensing capabilities directly on the card, a feature that no other biometric technology can achieve.

IDesia's BDS™ authentication technology is more cost-effective than other competing technologies, positioning it as the ideal biometric platform for smart cards.

The BDS™ platform provides a number of advantages for smart cards, including:

  • Small size, enabling a thin, wallet-sized card that complies with standard ISO thickness and flexibility requirements
  • Affordable price for stand alone cards
  • Ability to work with standard smart card readers
  • Enhanced optional features including challenge response for even greater security
  • A range of BDS™ Smart Cards for different applications:
    • Homeland security/defense/national IDs
    • Corporate and enterprise
    • B2B
    • IT security
    • Commerce/Credit Card

The BDS™ Smart Card consists of BDS™ contacts, the BDS™ sensor and the smart card's own chip. The smart card chip transmits the digital BDS™ signals to the external reader, where the processing is done. Template matching is done on the BDS™ Smart Card. The BDS™ Smart Card is designed to be used together with standard contact readers. The reader provides power to the BDS Smart Card for signal acquisition and template matching.

IDesia’s BDS™ Smart Card will comply with relevant international standards, including BioAPI, ICAO – LDS, ISO SC37, ISO 7811 and ISO 7816.