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IDesia is developing a number of commercial product families for sale to OEMs of personal portable electronic devices for remote online authentication applications, as well as to vendors and systems integrators working in the homeland security area.

IDesia’s technology and products have several major advantages over existing biometrics systems.

From the user’s point-of-view:

  • Better performance – BDS™ provides a highly reliable identification in just a few seconds, based on innovative processing and analysis of an individual’s electro-physiological signals.
  • Ease of use – BDS™ touch sensors require only a simple touch and are not dependent on exact finger placement or on the use of the same fingers in enrollment and verification. Any finger may be used without degrading the performance. BDS™ sensors have extremely high first-try success rates; there is no need for training or practice.
  • Multi-level accuracy – Based on a dynamic signature (rather than on a scanned static image), BDS™ gains accuracy with the progressive recordings of a signature. The required level of confidence can be set up according to application.
  • Impossible to spoof – BDS™ authentication technology is based on a dynamic signal and cannot be spoofed using static images or latent impressions.
  • Minimally intrusive

For OEMs and systems integrators, BDS™ authentication presents the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective – The cost of a BDS™ sensor is significantly less expensive than any alternative biometric sensor, while providing the highest reliability.
  • Small footprintBDS™ sensors are comprised of two-dimensional conductive contacts, and are by far smaller than competing biometric sensors. Simple metal conductive contact surfaces, or even conductive ink, can be used.
  • Ease of integration – Small and durable, BDS™ sensors can be easily incorporated into any compact device including laptops, keyboards, disks-on-keys, mobile phones, smart cards and other handhelds.
  • Durability – BDS™ sensors require no maintenance and have no replacement costs.
  • Quick database search – IDesia's BDS™ engine includes an ultra-fast platform for database searching. Together with high recognition performance software, this makes BDS™ technology ideal for open search applications (one-to-many searching) with large databases.
  • Low power consumption – BDS™ requires requiring very low power, making it ideal for all power-sensitive handheld devices, particularly next-generation mobile phones.