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In addition to selling its BDS™ chipsets and application kits, IDesia seeks strategic partners for the joint development of specific products and applications that can leverage the unique features of BDS™.

An example of such cooperation is IDesia’s co-development project for Aladdin Knowledge Systems (NASDAQ: ALDN): a customized biometric solution for Aladdin’s eToken, a USB authentication device.

IDesia offers both development services and co-development services to OEMs and systems integrators. Under a development agreement, IDesia implements a specific hardware or software security application based on BDS™ authentication into a finished product. In a co-development agreement, IDesia and its partner jointly develop a customized high-end security product based on IDesia’s BDS™ platform.

Potential co-development projects include:

  • A smart card for ID documentation, e-passport or credit card
  • Fusion systems, combining BDS and other biometric platforms for high end security applications
  • BDS™ technology embedded in other IC silicon solutions.

To learn more about IDesia’s services and receive a co-development proposal, please contact us.